Living GREEN

Living GREEN has been an increased focus throughout the years in relation to Home Benefits, but what does that really mean and isn’t that really for the super earth minded people? The quick answer is NO!

Living in and creating an energy efficient home can benefit everyone no matter what your level of experience in GREEN living is. The focus in GREEN living is based on reducing energy waste from the amount of water we use to the electricity to power our homes. This doesn’t mean everyone needs “solar panels” in order to do there part, but there are basic practices that we can implement that are inexpensive and do-it-yourself projects to install. Here are some everyday ideas that will help reduce your monthly costs.

  • Install insulation covers over your electrical outlets, to reduce drafts.
  • Ensure that your windows and doors are properly caulked.
  • Install a rain barrel to collect rain water for your outdoor watering.
  • Have your air ducts inspected for possible leaky seals.
  • Unplug electronics from outlets when not in use. Having them turned “off” doesn’t stop the use of electricity unless it is actually unplugged.
  • Evaluate your appliances for their ENERGY inefficiencies . Are they up to the current standards? If not, look into making some changes when feasible.
  • Did you know you can save 5-15% on cooling costs by replacing filters every 4-8 weeks in summer’s hottest months? Keep your A/C running efficiently with these tips.

There are just a few basic ideas in saving energy in our daily living. These do not cost a lot of money and focus on reducing our energy bills, protecting our environment, and making for healthier living inside our home. The point is, there are quite a few options available to everyone in beginning to make their home more energy efficient. We can all start by implementing a few changes, one at a time and monitor the savings that you could be earning. Prior to implementing any of these ideas, take a baseline of your current utilities (what are you paying now or how much energy are you using). Then, after making some basic changes, compare your cost and consumption. Are you seeing an improvement? Do you want to do more? It all starts with a few ideas to start Living GREEN and can grow into a better homes for you and your family.